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Real Estate

Wilkerson & Hegna handles all matters relating to real estate, including acquisition, financing, development, leasing and sale.
For more than 25 years, Wilkerson


For more than 25 years, Wilkerson & Hegna has offered our clients a broad range of business services, including startup services, compliance and acquisitions.


Wilkerson & Hegna has experience with a wide range of litigation, but we also search for the solution that best suits the client, such as offering guidance through mediation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolution options to resolve a dispute.
In addition to Real Estate, Business and Litigation, Wilkerson

More Services

In addition to Real Estate, Business and Litigation, Wilkerson & Hegna represents a diverse group of individuals and businesses in all areas of commercial law, including regulatory actions, employment law, and insurance coverage.

About Us

Wilkerson & Hegna, P.L.L.P. opened its doors in 1989 when Gary Wilkerson and Kyle Hegna joined forces to provide legal resources that would focus on both litigation and the critical day-to-day transactional issues impacting businesses.
Unlike other large “full service” law firms, Wilkerson & Hegna has purposefully remained small in size so as to ensure that each client receives the highest level of attention and service. Our small yet enthusiastic team provides legal services in the areas of general real estate law, construction law, eminent domain, general business law, landlord and tenant, entity formation, and property acquisition.
From the small business owner to the nationally recognized property developer, we represent you based on your unique goals and needs. Our attorneys know one case or business deal can make the difference. At Wilkerson & Hegna, we’re committed to making that difference for you.

Our Attorneys

Our litigation team is focused on more than just cookie-cutter ideas and results.  Instead, we are aggressive and sensible attorneys with an eye for creative solutions designed specifically for each client.  From real estate matters to  business related lawsuits, we have the experience and the know how to resolve your legal disputes and concerns.

We are also fully equipped to assist you with your real estate and business needs.  Our transaction attorneys provide personalized plans to achieve your business and investment objectives.  Our years of transactional experience combined with our attention to detail and our attentiveness to the desires of our clients have made us a highly demanded firm for businesses.

Our attorneys serve clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington to Brooklyn Park, Minnetonka to Maplewood and throughout Minnesota.


Our clients expect creative solutions and higher standards. Clients have consistently returned to Wilkerson & Hegna for business and personal needs because our attorneys are highly skilled in their respective areas of practice.

  • “Thank you again for representing me as my lawyer and having me as a client. Knowledge of the law can be quite confusing and scary, but you have been very patient in taking care of matters, making me feel confident and assured.”

  • “Thank you for all your help and patience. It is nice to have this situation behind us so we can move on with life. Once again thank you for all your help.”


  • For numerous reasons, municipalities in Minnesota seem to be over-dependent upon property taxes as a source of revenue to fund public improvements like road construction and installation of sewer lines and sidewalks. These special assessments can be an enormous burden on residential property owners, often costing tens of thousands of dollars or more. The attorneys at Wilkerson & Hegna, PLLP are sympathetic and tired of municipalities taking advantage of property owners through special assessments that are often unnecessary. Our attorneys are prepared to help their clients challenge these assessments.  With a breadth of knowledge and experience, our attorneys representing property owners in property tax appeals, appearing before boards of assessment appeals, obtaining appraisals, attempting to amicably resolve excessive assessments, and pursuing appeals. Because of the complicated nature of special assessment laws, property owners must act quickly to guarantee their rights are protected. Our attorneys are prepared to make sure our clients aren’t charged more than the government is legally allowed to charge.

  • The attorneys at Wilkerson & Hegna have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of formation and review of LLC and Corporate Agreements. For more than 25 years, we have offered our clients a broad range of services, including drafting and review of buy/sell agreements, shareholder agreements, maintaining and updating necessary information, including minutes, annual shareholder and member registration, and preparing stock certificates.

  • Do you need to file a lawsuit related to a business or real estate matter? The service-oriented litigators at Wilkerson & Hegna, located in Edina act on your behalf as follows:

    1. We demonstrate to the defendant that you are serious. Sometimes litigation can be avoided through a settlement.
    2. The legal system requires that a successful lawsuit follow formal procedures and adhere to certain deadlines. Do not wait to file a lawsuit against the offending party. We act to preserve your rights.
    3. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your case to determine if a settlement should be accepted. If not, we gather evidence to increase the strength of your claim during the pre-trial period.
    4. Determine the optimal legal remedy. Winning isn’t enough. We consider all the players involve and help you decide who to file a lawsuit against. Then, we pursue the most effective solution considering time, cost and chance of a successful outcome.
    5. Our trial lawyers will guide your case through the legal system. If necessary, we negotiate the appeal process and pursue enforcement of the court’s award.
  • An attorney guides the title transfer process by reviewing the title and recommending appropriate title insurance to mitigate title risks. Insurance coverage is negotiable and can be maximized to the owner’s advantage by eliminating exceptions to coverage (which an insurance company will automatically include to serve its own interests), but also by requesting policy endorsements.

    Clear title is a critical goal of buyers, sellers and lenders. Beyond title issues, we help buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate achieve their objectives and long-term goals for their real estate investments. We assist brokers and mortgage lenders in meeting the needs of their clients. Real estate professionals, such as developers, real estate investors, landlords, tenants and contractors rely on our industry knowledge and guidance to conduct business. Our practice areas include:

    • Clearing Title Insurance Issues (i.e. Title Commitment, Exceptions and Title Risks)
    • Negotiations with Municipal Authorities and Zoning Agencies
    • Conducting loan closings on behalf of buyers and sellers
    • Title issues pre-closing and post-closing
    • Commercial and Residential Leases for Landlord and Tenant
    • Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
    • Closing Documents, Loan Documents and Deed Transfer
    • Easements and Common Area Agreements
    • Clearing liens for materials and labor supplied
    • Drafting lien releases
    • Real Estate Investment and Development
    • Homeowner Associations
    • Negotiating disputes with landlords and tenants
    • Mechanic’s Liens

    View the professional bio of Gary Wilkerson, a member of the Hennepin County Bar Association Real Property Section.

  • We represent parties involved in all variety of commercial real estate disputes.  Initiating litigation on your behalf includes thorough preparation and demonstration of intent to go to trial.  From pre-trial to trial we aggressively pursue accomplishment of your objective.  Although we have a history of successful trial outcomes, we also have experience with the post-trial appeal process.  Our practice areas includes:

    • Investors, shareholder, partner and ownership disputes
    • Easement and boundary disputes
    • Land use and zoning appeals
    • Breach of lease options
    • Fraudulent nondisclosure
    • Performance disputes
    • Right of first refusal
    • Buy-sell agreements
    • Construction litigation
    • Eminent domain
    • Contract disputes
    • Mechanics liens
    • Tax appeals

    View the professional bio of Kyle Hegna, a litigator with over twenty years experience in civil and business litigation.

  • Mediation

    Mediation offers both parties to a dispute a timely resolution. Disputants may be able to reach an out-of-court resolution when the mediation is facilitated by an attorney with knowledge of the mediation process (e.g. a member of the National Mediation Board). Contact us to explore an alternative to litigation.


    A neutral arbitrator committed to high standards of integrity (such as a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators) hears evidence presented by the parties to a dispute and provides a binding resolution. Arbitration often has advantages over litigation: faster, less expensive and less public exposure. Contact us to determine if arbitration is right for your situation.

    Labor and Employment Lawyer

    Litigation is the most intensive form of dispute resolution. Mediation, arbitration and conciliation are forms of alternative dispute resolution. Each is appropriate for resolving disputes based on the willingness of the parties, the laws of the jurisdiction, the contracts executed and other relevant binding agreements. Contact us for more information on alternative dispute resolution.

    Workman’s Compensation Lawyer

    Worker’s compensation laws provide a remedy against an employer for a work-related injury. Employers need protection against frivolous claims and worker’s need to protect their rights. Obtaining a favorable settlement after an accident depends on multiple factors: information from the accident scene, the medical evaluation and the long-term implications for the worker injured. A workman’s compensation lawyer compiles evidence, documents claims and works to determine a favorable outcome for the client. Contact us for more insight on a work-related injury claim.

    View the professional bio of Jeffrey Jacobs, a frequent lecturer on dispute resolution and a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators, serving client needs in Minnesota and across the Midwest.

  • What is a Short Sale?

    A short sale is the sale of a property for less than what the seller owes to its lender, in exchange for which the lender agrees to release its lien on the property.  Typically, a short sale is completed when the mortgage amount exceeds the home value.  The bank may require that the homeowner demonstrates financial hardship.

    Our Experience with Minnesota Short Sales

    Gary Wilkerson is certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association as a Real Property Law Specialist since 1990 and has been a practicing real estate attorney since 1979.  He works closely with Morgan Kavanaugh, the primary client contact for short sale transactions.  Wilkerson & Hegna is a real estate law firm that represents clients in negotiating short sales.  Whether the homeowner is considering a Citimortgage short sale, Bank of America short sale, Wells Fargo short sale or any other mortgage lender, aggressive legal representation ensures your rights are protected.

    Short Sales Services Offered

    • Providing legal answers to your questions
    • Stopping foreclosure and bank debt collection
    • Preparing short sale packages and hardship letters for loan modifications
    • Reviewing letter of indemnification and documents related to closing on a short sale
    • Responding to bank requests for information
    • Guiding you through the procedure for short sale
    • Managing second mortgage company and short sale offer
    • Ensuring no deficiency judgment
    • Advising the short sale seller on important issues
    • Updating the seller by email through the process of a short sale

    The Cost to Retain Wilkerson & Hegna

    Legal services to negotiate and assist in the short sale process with the lender in a first lien position are payable only if there is a short sale closing.  For each additional lien holder (mortgage, judgment, tax lien, HOA lien, etc.) there is a cost, which is payable only if closing a short sale occurs.

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