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Retainer Agreement and Client Information

    (the "Client") hereby retains Wilkerson, Hegna, Kavanaugh & Johnston, PLLP (the "Law Firm") to represent Client on all requested matters.

    As and for representation, Client agrees to pay legal fees based upon hourly rates ranging from $150.00 per hour to $400.00 per hour for professionals within the Law Firm. All hourly rates are subject to change. Client also agrees to pay expenses including, but not limited to, filing fees, service of process fees, travel expenses, long distance telephone charges, reproduction and printing costs and other expenses.

    Attorneys sell time and advice. Therefore, the Law Firm's charges include time spent discussing this matter over the telephone. Client understands that the time spent on each case varies, as does the nature and amount of the work necessary to achieve a result. The time necessary to complete the matter is determined by the complexity of the case.

    Client understands that a retainer fee must be paid. Client further understands that the Law Firm reserves the right to require additional retainer amounts at any time and from time to time, at its discretion. The amount of the retainer does not represent the total cost of the legal action. The retainer will be applied to payment of legal fees and expenses. Any unused portion of Client's retainer will be refunded to Client upon completion of the matter.

    All fees and expenses on the statement are due and payable upon receipt of the statement. The account is subject to a late payment charge at an annual percentage rate of eight percent (8%) on all statements not paid within thirty (30) days. All payments will be applied against the oldest balance first. By paying the amount due upon receipt of the statement, the late payment charge will be avoided. If Client recovers cash or other assets in this or any other matter or if the Law Firm holds or receives cash or other assets of the Client, they will be applied to the balance of fees and expenses. It is further agreed and understood that, should Client default in payment of any amount when due, the Law Firm may either postpone any additional work, appearances, hearings or trials without further notice, or may withdraw from any further representation by notifying Client. Should the Law Firm withdraw from representation, Client is still obligated to pay for all work performed and expenses incurred on Client's behalf that remain outstanding. If Client defaults in payment of any amount when due, Client agrees to pay all costs of collecting the amounts due, including reasonable attorneys' fees. If the Law Firm represents itself, Client agrees to pay the Law Firm's regular hourly rates for the collection efforts.

    Client may discharge the Law Firm at any time and the Law Firm may withdraw from representation at any time, with or without cause. Client will remain obligated to pay for fees and expenses incurred by Client according to the terms stated above.

    The undersigned hereby indicate their assent to the above agreement.