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Fees and Rates

Wilkerson, Hegna, Kavanaugh & Johnston, PLLP is a results oriented firm and can provide its client with flexible fee arrangements. We offer hourly, flat fee, contingency fee, or project-based fee structures to best fit your needs. Attorney hourly rates range from $275 per hour to $350 per hour. Clerk and Paralegal rates range from $125 per hour to $150 per hour. For litigation, we provide a budget for each phase of the case so you know what you can expect, and be prepared for what it will cost. If you need a contract negotiated, drafted or reviewed, or if your company needs governing documents drafted or revised, we can provide you with a budget before we get to work. The overall cost will depend upon how complex your project will be and if we will be using existing documents or drafting new documents. We always provide a free case analysis and initial consultation.

2022 Hourly Rates:

Christopher Johnston: $350hour
Morgan Kavanaugh: $325/hour
Todd Baumgartner: $275/hour
Anne Haslerud: $275/hour
Paralegal: $150/hour
Law Clerk: $125/hour