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Kelly Grant

Kelly Grant, Office Manager/Paralegal
Kelly manages and oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm, as well as assists attorneys with real estate and business matters.  Kelly has spent decades in the real estate industry, with experience working with builders, title companies, real estate brokers, and law firms. Kelly relishes the chance to tackle new projects and serve clients as necessary to accomplish goals.  Kelly strives to bring honesty and integrity in all interactions both professional and personal. When not working, Kelly enjoys reading, crafting, and camping with her husband and two daughters.

Joann Berg

Joann Berg, Sr. Paralegal
Joann is senior paralegal at the firm with a BA from the University of Minnesota and a post bachelorette degree from the Minnesota Paralegal Institute.  Joann began her paralegal career as a title examiner for a title company before starting at the firm in 2001. Joann works closely with attorneys in real estate transactions and reviewing complex title issues. Joann enjoys digging into an issue to find a solution.

Chloee Sagmoe

Chloee Sagmoe, Law Clerk

Chloee will graduate from Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Spring of 2024. Chloee enjoys classes in law school that are heavy in researching and writing. Before law school, she received her B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Business Administration at Boston University, where she also played Division 1 soccer.

Chloee started at the firm during her second year of law school. In a professional setting, Chloee uses her determination to assist coworkers and clients find solutions to problems. In her free time, Chloee enjoys traveling, running marathons, and spending time with her extended family that lives in Minnesota.